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Poker Pursuit is a game where you can increase your winnings by increasing the number of coins bet. You are dealt three cards and can choose to raise your bet by one coin, or call for another card without increasing your bet. There are no wild cards and the maximum payout is 3,000 coins. The object of the game is to maximize your winnings and keep your losses to a minimum.




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Poker Pursuit: Short Description, Payout, Play Game | Poker Pursuit: Kort beskrivelse, Udbetaling, Play Spil | Schürstange-Verfolgung: Kurze Beschreibung, Ausschüttung, Spiel-Spiel | Πόκερ Pursuit: Σύντομη Περιγραφή, Πληρωμών, Παιχνίδι | Poker Pursuit: Lyhyt kuvaus, Osinko, Play Game | Poursuite de poker : la Description Courte, le Paiement, Joue au Jeu | Inseguimento di poker: la Descrizione Corta, la Sovvenzione, il Gioco di Gioco | Poker Pursuit: Korte omschrijving, uitbetaling, Play Game | Poker Pursuit: Kort beskrivelse, utbetaling, Spillekontroller | Perseguição de pôquer: Descrição Curta, Caráter compensador, Jogo de Jogo | Búsqueda de póker: Descripción Corta, Liquidación, Juega a Juego | Poker Pursuit: Kort beskrivning, Utdelning, Spela

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